"Optimize your Supply"

From start up to scale up

Optiply was founded in 2015 by Wiebe Konter and Sander van de Broek. Together they managed their own webshop, where most of the products were imported from China. They soon realised the purchasing process was extremely complicated and, above all, time-consuming. Something had to change!

We are working on a green and sustainable supply chain by structuring it as efficiently as possible. We do this by deploying algorithms which automate data-driven supply chain choices, even for those who don’t understand supply chain management! Together with a team of ambitious tech enthusiasts and a lot of knowledge to achieve more sales with less stock for all our customers. 

Optiply is growing, and it is growing fast. The company has been growing on an average of 300 percent a year. That is why we are looking for the brightest minds to support us in our mission to help companies with better inventory management.

Interested? Please apply to one of the positions below and we hope to talk to you soon!

Job Openings

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Talent Acquistion
  • Amsterdam, Niederlande


QA Engineer
  • Évora, Portugal
JAVA Developer
  • Standort flexibel

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Content Marketer
  • Amsterdam, Niederlande

Can't find the position you're looking for, but still excited to join our team? Send me a message via joaofernandes@optiply.com and we'll check out the possibilities together.

João Fernandes
Talent Acquisition

Strong algorithms, made by bright minds

What we stand for

Growing by the numbers 

We like growth, the growth of Optiply, of our team members and most importantly the growth we can achieve for our customers. “How do you plan to attain all this growth?”, you might ask. Well, by steering away from gut feeling and focusing on numbers. With this, we help their business grow. Not only with more revenue but also supporting a greener supply chain.

Own it 

Our team is free to give their own meaning to their role within the company. Because of that everyone feels responsible for playing their part right. Does a customer have a problem? We will fix it, and if we can’t we will help them further anyway. Did we make a mistake? We own up to it and we will make it right. We want to learn from our mistakes and our customers in order to make our tool greater than ever. 


We are serious about Optiply and our customers, but we are also very serious about having fun. We love to laugh with our customers and bring back the fun in purchasing. We connect with our partners and stakeholders for a durable and blooming relationship. And ofcourse, a milestone never passes without letting loose with the right celebration.

Top locatie

van Eeghenstraat 96, Amsterdam